You’ve got questions.
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Following are questions that our regional managers most often receive. After reviewing these questions and answers, if you still need more information about All-American Hose and our products, please connect with one of our customer service representatives.

Q: Can a vehicle run over any of the hose that All-American Hose manufactures while charged, without incurring damage?

A:  No. Under no circumstances, at any time, is it acceptable to drive a vehicle over any charged hose without hose ramps.

Q: Where is your hose made?

A:  All All-American Hose brand hoses are made in Pennsylvania—these include Ponn Fire Hose, National Fire Hose and Snap-tite. In fact, All-American Hose is the largest manufacturer of rubber-covered fire hose in North America. Many U.S. hose companies claim to be “American Made Fire Hose” but often, their rubber hose is imported—sometimes not even sourced from the same manufacturer—which may result in inconsistent quality.

Q: Do you test your fire hose?

A:  All All-American Hose fire hose is proof-tested per NFPA standards using the customer’s couplings (completed length). All-American Hose is an ISO 9001 Certified Quality Manufacturer. We also provide a record keeping system for the end user or fire department to maintain hose testing and maintenance records. We are the only manufacturer that offers the Hose Vault to assist our customers in tracking hose. Learn more about our Hose Vault system.

Q: What is your most popular hose?

A:  The Ponn Supreme was manufactured in New Jersey by Don Ruffcorn in the late 1960s. Today, it is still built to the same specifications: A rubber line/polyester hose with rubber backing (no glues to assemble this liner and zero delamination). It is used by more fire departments in the USA than any other hose. It is the “Old Ironsides” of modern-day fire departments.


In the 1990s, Ponn introduced the Ponn Conquest, which is the leader in performance-kinking, friction loss and working with low pressure nozzles.


In the LDH (large diameter hose) category, Snap-tite TPX is the leader, hands down. The three-ply double vulcanized construction is original to its 1970 design—and has never been copied. Most hose manufacturers import their rubber covered hose to reduce costs. TPX is 100% American made—and has a lifespan of more than 15 years.

Q: Does All-American Hose make a fabric-jacketed hose longer than 100 feet?

A:  No, 100 feet is the maximum length.

Q: Are All-American Hose Storz couplings field-repairable?

A:  Yes, these couplings are designed for quick and easy field repair.

Q: Will your jacketed LDH delaminate?

A:  No, it will not delaminate. Due to the thru-the-weave construction of our LDH Liners, they cannot separate or come apart, even under the most extreme conditions.

Q: What type of warranty does All-American Hose’s products carry?

A:  Every municipal and industrial fire hose is backed by a 10-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Q: There is a Service Test number stenciled on the fire hose. What does it stand for?

A:  The “Service” Test pressure is the pressure used for the annual testing of the hose by the fire department and is 10% greater than the highest operating pressure at which the fire hose will be used.


The “Proof” Test is a one-time pressure test conducted by the manufacturer to ensure the fire hose meets its proper specification. The Proof Test is two-times greater than the Service Test pressure. The “Burst” Test is a pressure test on a three foot sample section of the hose to make sure it meets proper specification before failing. The Burst Test is a minimum of three-times greater than the Service Test pressure.