TSX/TS Sludge Hose

Extruded Polyurethane Hose

Designed to move sludge quickly and efficiently, TSX/TS is smarter by design: 100% high tenacity yarn extruded with thru-the-weave polyurethane creates a strong hose that also resists snaking for excellent flow and superior productivity. The liner and cover rate at minimum 3000 psi tensile strength for added durability in the field, as well as having the industry's all around best durability with its high burst pressure rating and high tensile strength giving you the reliability you require to get the job done.


  • Ultra-durable. Withstands exposure to most hydro-carbons, gasoline, oils, alkalis and grease with no effect on the performance of the hose.
  • Ozone-resistant. Shows no visible signs of cracking of the liner or cover when subjected to testing in accordance with ASTM D1149-64, 100 PPHM/122*F/70 hours.
  • Rugged. Five-times more abrasion resistant than conventional rubber hose.
  • Reliable. Performs from -60°F to 180°F (-51°C to 82°C).
  • Best Value. Designed for maximum service life and low cost of ownership.
  • Certified. Manufactured within ISO-9001 certified quality assurance system.

Hose Sizing and Specifications

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Part Number Size Wall Thickness Weight
Burst Tensile Strength
TS45X660G 4.5" 0.150" 0.98 500 (3450) 31,000
TS50X660G 5" 0.160" 1.14 500 (3450) 35,100
TS55X660G 5.5" 0.170" 1.31 500 (3450) 29,000
TSX60X660N 6" 0.200" 1.90 900 (6200) 42,000


Polyurethane thru-the-weave extrusion

Temperature Range

-60° to 180°F (-51° to 82°C)

Standard Length

660' (200M)

Hose Colors

Green (G)   Brown (N)